Business Plans

Anybody setting out in business should prepare a business plan. The plan should set out the achievable targets of the business for a minimum period of one year and ideally for a period of five years. The plan will show the anticipated income and expenditure of the business, its profitability, and the inflow (or outflow) of cash over the selected period.

Banks or Building Societies will require sight of business plans if they are to support applications for business finance.

Hudson Lees have years of experience in preparing detailed business plans, cash flow forecasts, and forecast Profit and Loss Accounts and Balance Sheets in support of applications for business finance.

Our computer software enables us to produce these plans very quickly and efficiently provided all the relevant information is to hand.


Computer Systems

Almost every Personal Computer is preloaded these days with a simple Accounts or book-keeping package. More and more of our clients are taking advantage of the new software available. However, not all preloaded software is ideally suited for the individual requirements of each business.

At Hudson Lees we have arrangements with computer suppliers and consultants who can advise on the right computer hardware or software package to suit your particular business requirements. This may range from 'all singing all dancing' sophisticated computer networks to very simple one user PC's.

We have years of personal experience in computerised systems and in depth knowledge of computer based products. If you have any queries or require any assistance with computerised systems, please give us a call.


Payroll Bureau

At Hudson Lees we have arrangements with a payroll bureau, who will take away all the headaches of preparing the wages details for all your employees. Simply send in your weekly or monthly pay details and we will do the rest.

For a small fee, based on the number of employees and amount of transactions involved we will prepare:-

  • Wages Slips for each employee
  • Weekly or monthly wages summary
  • Weekly or monthly PAYE/NIC summary
  • Completed PAYE/NIC payslip to send to the Inland Revenue

We also prepare all your year end PAYE/NIC summaries for the Inland Revenue. All you have to do is sign the form at the year end!

If you are having problems with wages and PAYE, give us a call for a quotation. You may.